New ProJet260 Plus Color 3D Printer

Affordable full-color 3D printing,

ProJet® CJP 260Plus is compatible with your office environment and will give your CAD models designs a great pop!

3D printing in Color!

The ProJet CJP 260Plus realistic parts that look like a real photo in full CMY color with great details.  Look, feel, and try a variety of styles and product designs. Bring your product to market in record time

Fast Workflow

The ColorJet Printing (CJP) technology allows for print speeds super fast, up to 5x–10x faster than competing technologies.  Deliver models in hours.

Part cost is low!

The best CJP technology, the ProJet CJP 260Plus can print parts seven times lower cost than any other technology. Efficient material use will eliminate waste and reduce time.  Self-supporting and material is recyclable.

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4/21/2017 – Solid Technologies, Inc.

3D Printing The Future


Design to Print Open House


For the entire month of February Solid Technologies will be offering design to print seminars at our Blue Bell location.  Take ANSYS SpaceClaim for a quick 30 minute test drive, design your model and then print your design on a ZPrinter 650 for free*.  See how easy it is to bring your ideas to life.  Join us on Friday, February 1st for an Open House featuring ANSYS SpaceClaim.  No other software package can produce a conceptual model faster than ANSYS SpaceClaim Engineer.

Call 1-888-762-8441 to register.

*Part volume not to exceed 5 cubic inches

**This event is closed**

Sneak Peak

The ProJet HD3500 MAX

ProJet Max 3D printers incorporate 3D Systems’ latest patented Multi-Jet Modeling (MJM) print technology, including its production-grade printhead, advanced material management, full platform high definition printing, tablet-like touchscreen controls, and remote tablet and smartphone connectivity.


The Go Scan!


You need simplified, quick, affordable and reliable 3D scanning? Go!SCAN 3D scanner was designed with you in mind. This very efficient system can be used by anyone, without requiring any prior experience, and provides visual guidance as you are scanning through real-time visualization and ongoing positioning assistance.

  • Point and shoot: No need for a rigid set-up, or to prepare parts. Just go!
  • Flexible: Possibility to scan with or without positioning targets, providing maximum flexibility depending on the nature of the part geometry.
  • Accurate: Provides an accuracy of up to 0.1 mm, for scan results you can count on.


The Cube 3D Printer!

Get ready to take 3D Printing home with 3D Systems first consumer desktop modeler.  Free apps let you generate solid content without design software.


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