ProJet® 460Plus


ProJet® 460Plus 3D Printer

Rapid Prototyping Machine

Now you can print 3D color models so quickly and affordably, you’ll do it every day.  The ProJet 460Plus makes color 3D printing accessible to everyone. The lowest priced color 3D printer available, it outputs brilliant color models with time-saving automation and an easy printing process.


*USA MSRP (Includes 1 year warranty. Options, shipping, local taxes and duties not included)

ProJet 460Plus Professional 3D Printer


The ProJet 460Plus Full Color 3D Printer is the World’s most automated and affordable color 3D Printer. The printer outputs precise 450 dpi color 3d model prototypes 5 to 10 times faster than the competition. With all-in-one printing and powder recycling the ProJet 460Plus has 40% less “touch time” than previous 3D Printers. The 460Plus sets new standards for office compatibility with office-safe build materials, active dust control and zero liquid waste.