Pearl 700

CGI® introduces new Pearl-700 inspection system technology!

With Pearl-700, every user now has the power to detect, diagnose, and prevent any production problems that may occur during a mold-proving process, same day. This new technology is unique, showing every detail of a mold, inside and out.

What can the Pearl-700 inspection system do?

CGI® specializes in Cross Sectional Scanning (CSS), a process which allows CGI’s Encase-it material to encase, cover, and fill the molded part. Once the part is filled, and air bubbles are removed, the Pearl-700 inspection system takes care of the rest. Running unattended, the system digitizes the point geometry in a couple of hours. Then the part image is ready to be measured with Spec.Checkâ?¢ software.

CGI® Spec.Check� software technology:

When proving a new mold, first article inspection is essential. It is a crucial step in product development.  If the part or internal geometry is complex the process can take days, if not weeks. â??Costâ? and â??â??time to marketâ?, depend upon speed and accuracy. Spec.Checkâ?¢ solves this problem by providing the fastest measurement result completion time on the market.

What can the Spec.Checkâ?¢ technology do?

Spec.Check� quickly measures every dimension, slope, angle, radius, and diameter. It uses edge probes and full circle to find the exact center and diameter. Edge and intersection probes are used to quickly find exact intersections.  Spec.Check� captures complex internal or part geometry and processes multiple parts.

CGI® can now complete measurement processes, in a fraction of the time and cost of other current methods. Spec.Check� can create a template from the first dimensioned part a multiple-cavity mold. It can then apply it to the parts from other cavities, further expediting the inspection process. Custom­ers now get their products to market, faster, after you have already quickly and accurately proved your mold.