ANSYS SpaceClaim 3D Modeling with Multi-touch

ANSYS SpaceClaim’s touch-enabled devices permit users to turn, pinch and alter geometry via two-handed touches all in 3D! Multi-touch has shaped the future of 3D modeling. It allows users to manipulate the view and the geometry of a part instantly with little effort. This is a great value to 3D modeling which allows real-time engineering. You can create sketches, make selections and move geometry and the entire process comes naturally. It will immerse you into its full-featured multi-dimensional environment.

ANSYS SpaceClaim’s adaptive commands allow you to make selections in a certain way in order for the geometry to be created or modified. The program can sense this and, in a way, learn from this to adapt how geometry is formed and commands are accessed. The commands can be used for performance, detailed design, and drawing improvements for concept modeling, design review, simulation, and manufacturing applications.

ANSYS SpaceClaim’s ease-of-use of a simple viewer with the power of 3D solid modeling was previously only available in complex CAD systems. Now every engineer in every industry can have access to this state-of-the-art technology. The automotive and medical industries have already taken full advantage of ANSYS SpaceClaim for 3D data visualization and collaboration. Manufacturing industries will also take advantage of applications including NC Machining, jig and fixture design, mold manufacturing and sheet metal manufacturing. ANSYS SpaceClaim allows any engineer to visualize large data-sets as well as open and edit precise part geometry.

ANSYS SpaceClaim is necessary in facilitating communication within and among engineering teams. ANSYS SpaceClaim allows for rapidly, in formal, planned design-review meetings, as well as ad hoc discussions. ANSYS SpaceClaim also necessary for accelerating engineering processes, which is the key benefit of 3D Direct Modeling.

ANSYS SpaceClaim is known for its quick and easy changes, and allowing engineers the freedom to rapidly generate and modify product concepts. Using a touch-screen compliments the strengths of the program focusing more on geometry and selection rather than on create geometry to manipulate it. The ability to modify is what multi-touch brings to ANSYS SpaceClaim, allowing 3D developers cohesive work-flow.

ANSYS SpaceClaim is known for letting engineers do things “super fast”. “ANSYS SpaceClaim changed the landscape of the 3D CAD market when we introduced our 3D Direct Modeler in 2007,” Chris Randles, President and CEO of ANSYS SpaceClaim. ANSYS SpaceClaim has sparked a revolution that has most CAD vendors just beginning to follow suit. ANSYS SpaceClaim is the clear leader in 3D Direct Modeling.

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