3D Scanning Software

Geomagic Scanning and 3D Imaging Software

Deliver precise digital data of physical objects for use in design, engineering and manufacturing. Geomagic scanning and 3D imaging software make the process of digitally representing the physical world fast, easy and accurate.

Geomagic scanning and 3D imaging software products deliver speed and accuracy.

  • Rapidly process 3D scans into polygon and surface models
  • Read the 3D data rapidly into native MCAD platforms or via neutral 3D formats
  • Deliver results quickly and build productivity into your design and engineering workflow

Geomagic Studio® and Geomagic Wrap® are industry-leading reverse engineering software tools offering the best in CAD interoperability for your 3D data; fast, accurate interpolation of input data; and time-saving tools for creating the best data possible.