Design Technology in a Competitive Industry

Case studies and benchmarks are useful tools for assessing and improving the performance of Design Hardware Technologies. Through analysis of real-world use cases and comparing the performance of different systems, filaments and resins, manufacturers, researchers, and end-users can garner insights into strengths and limitations of various purchase options.

By providing in-depth analyses of specific applications of 3D printing, highlighting the challenges, opportunities, and outcomes of using the technology in different industries and settings, researchers gain a more informed understanding of the benefits and limitations of additive manufacturing, and identify best practices in order to integrate the technology into existing processes and workflows. Case studies inspire new ideas and applications, showcasing the flexibility of the technology.

Benchmarks provide a quantitative measure of the performance of a particular 3D Printing System. By Researchers can evaluate the quality and consistency of 3D printed objects comparing the accuracy, speed, resolution, and other parameters of different printers and materials which may identify areas for improvement. A thoroughly qualified benchmark demonstrates the solution to a challenge faced by the end-user and can also help manufacturers and other prospective buyers to select the best printers and materials tailored for their needs.

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