Design Technology Hardware: Evaluating Production as a Capital Expense

Is a 3D Printer the right move?

Breathe life into models

hold your ideas in hand

Create parts in hours

Are 3D Printers complex? – No, but that won’t stop us from offering installation and training until you’re comfortable using your system.

Is a 3D Printer right for your business?

Outsourcing 1 or more prototypes a month might make it worthwhile to consider ownership

Don’t be 2 dimensional (or even 1), we’ll help you upgrade to 3D CAD if necessary.

Watch 1 minute demo

Unlock the power of Direct Modeling

Is Additive & 3DP expensive? – Less than you think.

Already using CAD? Export and print.

Get Started today with a Free Benchmark!

(prepare ready for the Phygital revolution!)

Efficient for production & environment
Near infinite uses.
Set your team free

Email us at and ask us some questions. We’re helpful and friendly!

For information on 3D Printing Technology please contact us at 1-888-762-8441

SolidTech has provided businesses across multiple industries with rapid prototyping, 3D Printing hardware & services for over 25 years. STI is currently a reseller for Desktop Metals, XYZ Printing, & Nexa3D.

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