How to Choose the Right Prototyping System

Wednesday October 20th, 2010 – 11AM

Holiday Inn Express

2880 US Route 1, North Brunswick, NJ 08902

Please confirm attendance if possible, however drop in’s are welcome!

3D Rapid Prototyping System

Finished Part on ZBuilder

Discover how cutting-edge prototyping technologies from Z Corporation can help you design faster and more efficiently, and cut costs at the same time. This FREE, in-person seminar examines technology choices and selection criteria in a small-format environment ideal for personalized discussion and Q&A.

You’ll learn

  • How in-house prototyping accelerates iterative design, and enables you to bring designs to market more quickly
  • The similarities and differences between ZPrinter (inkjet) and and ZBuilder (plastic) prototyping solutions
    – How it works
    – Features & benefits
    – Applications
    – Cost structure
  • How to choose – criteria for selecting the right system for your application
  • What you can expect with installation, training, technical support, and service

Don’t miss this deep-dive into prototyping solutions, taking place at a location near you.

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