The ANSYS SpaceClaim User Interface

ANSYS SpaceClaim allows users to think in 3D, not relying on feature-based history. Sketch-oriented drawing tools makes drawing simple, and pulling it into 3D, allows you to edit geometry, quickly and directly. You can work with what you have, importing 2D drawings and images, 3D meshes, surfaces, and solids. You can create 3D shapes by drawing on top of scanned-in, imported hand drawings.  Along with an existing 2D sketching functionality, ANSYS SpaceClaim’s new toolkitcan be used to create points, lines and splines in 3D space.

ANSYS SpaceClaim has a range of sketching tools that enable users to make dramatic changes to a 3D model and work it into different shapes. You can merge it all, bind it together, and remix it into something new.  You can Pull and Move essential features to the creation of any design. Pull will directly move geometry, points, edges, lines, and features.  Move essentially shifts pieces or the solid whole. You can create rounds by simply pulling on an edge. You can re-blend as you tweak and modify your design.  You can change the size at any time. You can reate 3-dimensial designs that are anti-aliased, shaded, with hidden line views.

ANSYS SpaceClaim is ideal for redesign work. With different colors and materials you can create a tangible and realistic looking model. Or, rather than being built from scratch, a product designed for one manufacturing process can easily be adapted for another. Because of ANSYS SpaceClaim’s flexibility, form and function requirements are still met. ANSYS SpaceClaim removes the hassle of the traditional design process, now the user can immediately dive in and start drawing in 3D.

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