Designed with Engineers in Mind

The number of 3D CAD seats in commercial use today: one million. However, 10 to 15 million engineers spanning from major manufacturers to small companies need an intuitive 3D CAD software, but are not using it. Instead engineers attempt to explain design concepts to a designer who is required to interpret these ideas effectively. Unfortunately this back and forth results in lost ideas, miscommunications, and less than ideal outcomes. As a result the engineer is completely divorced from the actual design process.

The problem arises when engineers realize that MCAD software is not suitable as an engineering tool. With a steep learning curve it can be difficult to master, resulting in time wasted. Engineers become impatient, understandably, since day-to-day conceptualizing, investigating, and analysis should be happening on the fly. As a result many use 2D sketching and 1D simulation tools to design and analyze 3D which can lead to unproductive distortions. These major errors often remain undiscovered until very late in the design process. Engineers using ANSYS SpaceClaim can work easily and fluently in 3D without interference.

ANSYS SpaceClaim is a tool that every engineer can use. The value of ANSYS SpaceClaim is unmatched. What sets ANSYS SpaceClaim apart is that it was designed with engineers in mind. The creators of ANSYS SpaceClaim understand the constant battle to communicate your ideas with conventional CAD software.  ANSYS SpaceClaim uses bid modeling to enhance communication between departments, manufacturers and clients.  ANSYS SpaceClaim is a better brainstorming tool. This intuitive software was designed to encourage innovation. The best part: conceptualizing in 3D with ANSYS SpaceClaim is easy with the ability to quickly edit, modify, and redesign.

Using ANSYS SpaceClaim on a touch screen is most likely the best way to experience it. The software is so easy to use with Pull, and Move options, it instinctively does what all engineers want to do with a model: pull it apart, move things around, change things up. ANSYS SpaceClaim also accelerates the engineering process. The benefit of designing prototypes faster than your competitors is paramount.

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