A 3D Printed Skateboard Infiltrated with Z Corporation Zmax 90!

Infiltration is the process of applying a liquid resin to a printed part to provide strength and specific properties. Z Corp’s latest and greatest infiltrant is the Z-Max™ 90. This new epoxy holds 3D modeling to a new standard of strength, function, and improved resistance to humidity, water and heat. The parts are so strong they can bear the weight of a full grown man as seen in the picture above!

How does Z-Max 90 compare with the original Z-Max? Z-Max 90 is a two-part resin system specifically formulated to effectively penetrate the 3D printed parts. Compatible with all Z Corp materials, Z-Max 90 costs 40% less than the original Z-Max.  Because of its lower viscosity, resin can soak into the porous surface without leaving a thick film on the surface of the part.  Z-Max 90 is easier to use. No measuring is required as kits and pumps are pre-weighed. Time applied to parts is now increased by 40%, and the cure time is still 2 hours at 160°F.

Z-Max 90 also out-performed other infiltrant in high temperature functional testing. Partsinfiltrated with Z-Max 90 offered the highest resistance to heat, proving they can withstand the high temperature environments.  This is possible becausethe matrix created by the powder structure acts as a reinforcing mesh, maintaining a models strength and rigidity.  A heat pre-treatment can also be used for the best results.

Now that you understand the benefits of Z-Max 90 over other infiltrant, learn how easy it is to use! Here are some safe tricks and tips to reach the highest performance of your part. First, always read and understand the MSDS (Materials Safety Data Sheet) prior to using Z-Max.  Make certain you are wearing protective clothing; including gloves and eye protection.

Parts should be sanded prior to infiltration to enhance the look of surface finish. To sand properly, use 100-grit sandpaper and continue to 220-grit sandpaper until the desired smoothness is achieved. Dust masks should be worn when sanding finished parts. Remove any loose material before infiltrating. For best results, dry the part for 2-4 hours at 100°F (40°C). This will allow Z-Max to wick deeper into the part. Once infiltrated parts can be easily drilled, tapped, bonded, and machined.

When applying Z-Max, it is important to always have a spill system in place such as a catch pan, wax paper or a drop cloth. Mix 5 pumps of resin with 2 pumps of hardener into a sturdy plastic container thoroughly for 2 minutes before application Use a paint-brush to apply the Z-Max. Apply multiple thin coats to get maximum surface penetration depth. Do not overapply. Infiltrated parts should be placed on a non-stick surface, leaving it to cure for 2 hours or until the part is no longer sticky. Users can contact Solid Technologies Inc. for more information on safe practices, and accurate Z-Max 90 application.


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