The Beginning of Something Big

Recently, Zcorporation’s 3D-Printing technology was featured on National Geographic.  Quite an achievement for the Boston based technology firm. The video was sent to web and instantly went viral and has to date garnered 5 million viewers and counting! David Kaplan, Theoretical Physicist at John Hopkins University, hosted the episode of National Geographic entitled: Known Universe, the spin was that 3D printing can be invaluable in space for replication.  This once seemingly a sci-fi concept that eluded scientists for decades is now possible with the Z450! Using the help of Zcorp’s Joe Titlow, a Z450 and a ZScanner, Kaplan developed a replication of a working wrench from a simple 3D scan.  Kaplan was excited by the result, insisting that this was a giant leap forward in scientific and technological achievement.  Anyone who sees this happen with their own eyes and fully understands the nature of this high end technology has the same reaction.

And since the video of this broadcast went viral, clearly the public took notice of the “wow” factor of 3D printing.  The first time I saw a 3D printer in action I had the same reaction. This technology can create anything on a whim if implemented properly. Since the success of the video many news crews including, ABC, FOX, and Boston’s Channel 5 took notice and have had exclusive access to Zcorp studios.  They too can vouch for its validity. Consequently, with any attention comes a healthy amount of skepticism. And thanks to social media there has been a recent frenzy of naysayers questioning the validity of National Geographic’s broadcast and the technology.

This past week, the video was swarmed with controversy, which can always be expected when an innovative idea enters the public eye for the first time.  This is especially true when this idea goes viral, and is accessible to millions. Social networking has allowed for debate on the issue, and most of the viewers have had a positive reaction and have left some really wonderful feedback on Zcorp’s twitter, facebook wall, and YouTube. Any negative feedback at this point seems petty, and comes across as, lets face it, ignorant.  In the end, all of this new attention to Zcorp technology just generates more discussion about the technology. People are now really talking about 3D Printing!

In my time as Marketing Coordinator and Technical Writer here at Solid Technologies*, I have seen this technology at work and I know that it is real. It is constantly being improved and developed and any issues that arise are quickly addressed by talented engineers. Those who have first hand knowledge comprehend that this technology is not a toy, but something that can be used to design, create, and innovate when the best minds have it at their disposal.  3D Printing and Scanning is currently breaking new ground in the education, architectural, construction, medical, entertainment, and design fields. I challenge anyone who believes otherwise to schedule a demonstration (888-762-8441) and let the technology speak for itself.

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