Next Generation in 3D

ANSYS SpaceClaim, in my opinion, is the best CAD software on the market. With four ingeniously simple editing tools: Pull, Move, Fill and Combine, you can accomplish 80-90% of your modeling needs. ANSYS SpaceClaim uses all of the Windows tools many users are familiar with such as Cut, Copy and Paste, and Undo! The ability to reuse geometry and the quick access tool bar encourages innovation as it is easy enough for any user, not just seasoned engineers. Working with complicated skeleton sketches is typical with CAD, but not ANSYS SpaceClaim.

No need to recreate sketches when you have the ability to copy geometry and save it. You can accomplish anything without affecting history tree, because there is no history tree! ANSYS SpaceClaim is so intuitive. Based on your clicks it knows exactly what you want it to do. It tends to predict what the user is attempting to do before the task is completed. In ANSYS SpaceClaim you can work entirely with solid geometry, quickly created with the Pull feature. If you pull on an edge it will automatically create a round. That round could be easily just one click of the mouse.

Pull a line into a surface and transform that surface into a solid 3D object. Pull on the region to create a 3D pin away from the entire model. Modify the pin’s geometry just by grabbing the piece pull and extend. The changes can be free-form or by typing in specific values. Try out new ideas, create revolved protrusion, or blend to make multiple surfaces. Do all of this on the fly, with no separate commands. You can easily do all of your experimentation in the pull environment.

There is so much more than pulling faces with the best CAD software! You will never again have to worry about incorrect placements of geometry when you can move it wherever you want it to go! Use the move tool to move faces in any direction, and rotate them with ease to any degree. Use move to push pieces apart creating distances between them. The move tool can even influence edges! You can even select a specific “loop” or part of the edge to edit within a radial menu on the screen. Merge two pieces of geometry together with a simple drag. Modify to make sections more symmetrical.

The fill option, also known as the “magic button”, easily deletes the things you do not want. You can put a plane down the middle to cut the entire geometry in half and create two different bodies completely independent from each other. Each solid body can then be edited by itself. Easily change the color of your components, create solid bodies on the fly-with no new sketches! With Combine any solid part can be attached to another easily. No longer want two different parts, just connect them with combine. ANSYS SpaceClaim lets you make drastic changes that other CAD systems would not allow you to do.

Be innovative and creative! ANSYS SpaceClaim can predict patterns you are attempting to create. It will return associatively to the original. ANSYS SpaceClaim is innovative, fun, and easy to use! I think it’s great, but find out for yourself! Call us here at Solid Technologies for more information.

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