ZCorp and Google Uncover Your World

Grow Interactive, one of the country’s hottest digital design studios, along with Google recently released an amazing ad using a ZPrinter® 450! Creating an entire cityscape one AEC model at a time, it breathed life into Google’s newest and most advanced mobile search tool: the Google Search app. Google Search utilizes Google’s voice, visual and location-aware mobile search capability. Anyone can see their efforts in the new AdMob rich media mobile advertising campaign: Uncover Your World.

Clay Bavor, Product Management Director of Google Mobile Ads, wrote in his blog about the benefits of using creativity and innovation in this ad campaign. “The preliminary results of the campaign have been impressive. On average, users spend over a minute and a half interacting with the ad, and of those, 50% go on directly from the ad to download the app.” Exploring the virtual cityscape that the design team created uncovers facts about the world around you.

Conceptually, the artists had a real tour de force on their hands and ran into some design issues. The problem of finding a way to accurately convey paint dripping was innovated and solved using 3D printing technology. The artists were able to create a completely fabricated sequence of paint dripping down over and coating a building. They did this by designing and printing out drip models in CAD software, and filming the drip sequence. This is an excellent example of 3D printer versatility.

Drew Ungvarsky, owner and creative director of Grow Interactive understands what makes Zprinters stand out. After receiving several sample prints from various competitors, he found the ZPrinter® 450 to be the best choice. “We explored and tested nearly every 3D printing technology on the market,” said Ungvarsky, “In the ZPrinter; we found what we were looking for: speed, color and high detail. The ZPrinter was the only device with the speed, resolution and surface quality we needed. And it’s the only one capable of printing in multiple colors, so that saved us time on painting.”

This team of artists discovered Zprinter versatility and innovation, but its ease of use made the process smooth and utterly seamless. Experienced CAD designers, they quickly learned the software used for this project, and how to make their images printable objects. These objects intrigue anyone who beholds them and that is what sold Grow Interactive. “When you see the objects in the ad, you know they’re real, not digital, but you can’t quite put your finger on what they are,” said Ungvarsky, “and that’s what we love about them. We found the unique visual we were after: highly detailed and seemingly handmade.” Watch the ad below to see the final result!

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