Geomagic® Claytools®


Sculptural Modeling for Fine Arts, Jewelry Design & Digital Content Creation

The Geomagic Claytools modeling system delivers unparalleled modeling speed and creative expression, and it is ideal for sculptural modeling of complex, organic shapes for digital content creation and fine arts such as sculpture and portions of jewelry design. It is also used in fine arts and industrial design educational programs to teach sculptural 3D modeling. Geomagic Claytools files are compatible with Geomagic’s manufacturing-oriented modeling systems: Freeform and Freeform Plus.

The Claytools system includes the Geomagic Touch haptic device, i.e., a true 3D interface with force feedback that enables you to use your sense of touch to create virtual clay models. This natural and direct way of working makes the Claytools system easy to learn, and users typically become productive within a few days.