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In the past year Blockchain technology and Cryptocurrency have demonstrated rapid exponential growth.  Depending on who you ask this growth is due mostly to a speculative interest in Bitcoin.  Regardless of what it was intended to be, or what it still may become, Bitcoin is quickly becoming the most desirable store of a value on the internet.  Many argue that it is the foundation for the next layer of the internet; to be managed by smart contracts and even smart cities which will all be built upon blockchain technology.

If you are interested in understanding blockchain technology further you’ll want to download Bitcoin Core which is available for download at

In addition you may want to read up on Satoshi Nakamoto’s original Whitepaper; Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System

Mechanical Engineering firms that have multiple computers capable of running CAD:

Corporations are now considering offsetting the cost of hardware by mining during off peak hours.  Currently most systems will be capable of mining other cryptocurrencies besides Bitcoin that not only still support, but focus on GPU mining.  If your engineering hardware has high end graphics cards put it to work mining!

In the new year SolidTech will be committed to helping our engineering clients mine cryptocurrencies explicitly for the purpose of offsetting expensive hardware costs.

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