Solid Technologies partners with CGI Inspection


Amy Duda

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Blue Bell, PA (2/24/11)

STI (Solid Technologies Inc.) is pleased to announce a recent partnership with CGI (Capture Geometry Internally). CGI specializes in 3D injection molded part dimensional accuracy systems, used for inspecting small medical parts.  With CGI’s assistance, we are excited to now be offering the Pearl 700 and patented Spec.CheckTM software to our customers.  “We are happy with the new partnership between STI and CGI” says Mike Marino, Vice President of STI, “We feel that the suite of products, especially the Pearl 700 system, fits well strategically into our high end engineering market.”

The Pearl-700 System is the latest in QA Measurement Inspection. Pearl-700 is easy to use because it is portable; it is also quieter and much more affordable than previous systems. It is also the fastest, providing complete results, same day. CGI’s Spec.CheckTM inspection software is Windows® based. This technology can be used with any digitizing system, and saves users up to 75 percent in performance time.  It allows for feature-by-feature inspection, and go no-go reporting, providing a thorough and rapid analysis of part quality. For more information on CGI, visit For more information on STI, visit

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