ANSYS SpaceClaim Solutions for Machinists and Manufacturers

Top 5 Ways ANSYS SpaceClaim Helps Machinists

ANSYS SpaceClaim 3D Direct Modeling Software makes CAD simple with 4 simple commands.  Using the Pull, Move, Fill, and Combine commands, it’s easy to edit and optimize models for manufacturing, as well as to create complementary models such as fixtures.

Traditional feature-based CAD was developed for engineers to create detailed models and associated documentation. However when it’s time to make parts, complicated constraints and internal dependencies can hamper the success of the job. Too often, manufacturing experts can get caught up in the theory of CAD and lose focus on getting their parts to market.   If the designs aren’t right, it can be difficult to make the changes on-the-fly.  Instead, change requests need to go back to the design team.  ANSYS SpaceClaim’s unique user interface enables anyone to work in 3D but, it is not a lifestyle like other complex CAD systems. Engineers who aren’t CAD specialists — and don’t want to be — can learn ANSYS SpaceClaim in hours not weeks.

With ANSYS SpaceClaim’s Trace Parts integration you can convert your old .dxf and .dwg files into useable 3D data.  Import and transform 2D to 3D with a simple sketching tool, that allows you to draw in 2D and creates 3D models automatically.

Clean dirty and corrupted geometry with simple, automated repair tools such as Stitch and Missing Faces.  Take incomplete CAD data made up of surfaces and turn it into solid geometry with ease.

It’s easier to accurately convey the manufacturing process using ANSYS SpaceClaim.  Clearly articulate your machining steps in a simple to follow 3D fashion with notes and dimensions.

Work in a familiar 2D environment and save files as .dxf and .dwg.  Even modify the model while in a 2D view.

Remove or adjust rounds and chamfers, hole sizes, face offsets, draft angles and other geometry with no knowledge of how the model was built.  ANSYS SpaceClaim provides simple tools to optimize the model and prepare for machining tasks.

Let ANSYS SpaceClaim 3D Direct Modeling software simplify your manufacturing process.  Skip the complexities of traditional CAD systems, win more bids, reduce waste, and get parts and products to market faster.

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