Z510: Exclusive Offer! SOLD

*Update:  System Sold. This demo unit is no longer available.

We have ONE (just ONE)  demo Z510 left in our warehouse.

You have the chance to purchase this system at an astounding 50% off.

This offer will not last long as it is assured that someone  will scoop this up immediately.

Here is what you get:

Z510 3D Printer

$ 49,000

ZP131 Starter Kit

$ 6,275


$ 2,000

One Year Warranty

$ 7,950


$ 66,125

50% OFF

Total Cost:





The four biggest advantages Zcorporation has in the rapid prototyping industry are:

SPEED—-fastest printer 5x to 10x faster than any other printer

COLOR—only true 24 bit color printer

MATERIAL—-significantly less expensive than any other material averaging $2.00 per cu. In.

VERSATILITY—-we have many different materials for a variety of different applications.

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